Zebra RFD90, RFID (UHF)

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RFID Lese-/Schreibgerät, UHF (800MHz), IP65, Leserate: 1300 Tags/Sek., inkl.: Akku (7000 mAh, Li-Ion)
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Zebra RFD90 RFID Reader

Zebra RFD90 RFID Reader


The Zebra RFD90 is a high-performance RFID reader that utilizes UHF technology to accurately and efficiently read RFID tags. It is designed for industrial and commercial applications where fast and reliable RFID reading is essential.

Key Features

  • UHF RFID technology for long-range reading
  • High read accuracy and speed
  • Durable construction for industrial use
  • Easy integration with existing systems


The Zebra RFD90 RFID reader offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to improve their RFID reading capabilities. With its long-range UHF technology, the RFD90 can quickly and accurately read RFID tags from a distance, making inventory management and tracking more efficient.


The Zebra RFD90 RFID reader is ideal for a variety of applications, including inventory management, asset tracking, supply chain management, and access control. Its high read accuracy and speed make it well-suited for demanding industrial environments.


  • UHF RFID technology
  • Read range: up to 10 meters
  • Read speed: up to 900 tags per second
  • IP65-rated for dust and water resistance

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Upgrade your RFID reading capabilities with the Zebra RFD90 RFID reader. Contact us today to learn more about how the RFD90 can benefit your business and improve your RFID tracking and management processes.

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